1.Africa Daryeel's intervention on education is aimed at improving the right of school aged children to education and increase their prospects in future. Our focus will be on promoting equal access for boys and girls and to favour the creation of child friendly

learning environment for these children. We believe that improvements in getting access to education and enhancing the quality of education will result in better job opportunities for these children when they graduate.

2. Gender and Identity Related Issues

Africa Daryeel recognizes the important role that women play in development. They provide food for the family, raise the children, and are often the binding factor between families in the community. There is a lot that needs to be done to improve on the overall situation of Somali women in Somalia as well as those in the Diaspora. Poverty, lack of access to education and primary healthcare, high-risk of contracting HIV/AIDS, maternal mortality during delivery, harmful traditional/ cultural and social practices such as FGM, gender-based violence, lack of access and control of economic resources, lack of participation in decision-making processes, are the main issues that Africa Daryeel will addressed in this area of intervention.

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