Africa Daryeel aims at working with others to find lasting solutions to the poverty and sufferings people go through in Somalia. By so doing Africa Daryeel acts as a bridge between local communities and international organizations. Africa Daryeel also mobilizes Diaspora to engage in the development of their country of origin through sports. Our work in Somalia is mostly focused in South and Central Somalia. This is based on the extent of poverty and deprivation that exists in these regions.

Women and children are the main target group for Africa Daryeel's activities in Somalia. This is because they are the most vulnerable and subordinated group in Somalia.

Africa Daryeel programs are also targeted at youth and adults in the society especially women. For instance. Our programs are again targeted at Community leaders, CSOs and CBOs. This is aimed at developing knowledgeable and civilized individuals and members of society who can advance themselves in life skills and also contribute to achieving self-reliant communities.

Activities that are carried out as part of Africa Daryeel's relief services are targeted at internally displaced persons (IDP) and people in disaster areas. In other to increase the engage of the Diaspora in the reconstruction and development of Somalia Africa Daryeel also aims at working with Somalia migrants (especially the youth), Diaspora organizations and network organizations.

The first project(s) of Africa Daryeel were focused on the provision of support for primary schools in South and Central Somalia. These activities were carried with the support of funds that was raised from the Somali Diaspora in the Netherlands and from donors in the Netherlands.

Our years of experience working in Somalia has gone a long way to prove that the Diaspora can also contribute to the development of the country, especially in terms of basic education and health even though they are still leaving overseas. This success story has opened a lot of opportunities to work.

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